Chapter Six

Punished in Uniform
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Uniforms have connotations of discipline. Women in uniform, especially in military outfits, always seem especially suitable for spanking. A uniform emphasises the curve of the bottom, giving one ideas!



Story Ten: Prison 100  new3.gif (8626 bytes)

Flavia Hope is a dreamer. When she reads The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope, her brain goes into overdrive. She imagines that she is in a prison and the warder sentences her to 100 strokes of the cane.

Story Nine: Wow, I Like It  new3.gif (8626 bytes)

Corporal Jean Canes is furious with Aircraftswoman Helen Harper and prepares to give her a sound caning. While preparing the caning bench, she is fascinated by it and tries it out for herself.

Story Eight: Another Time, Another Place

The Second World War; Phillipa is cured of her sloppy peacetime habits by the application of a whippy cane to her shapely bottom.

Story Seven: Caned Rating 

When AS Ellis goes AWOL, she has no idea of the potential consequences. When it earns her fifty strokes of the cane, she cannot believe her ears.

Story Six: A Triple Spanking 

Dumb insolence costs three young female soldiers a well spanked bottom. In good military fashion not to waste time, they are all spanked at the same time.

Story Five: Private Cobb takes a 100 of the cane 

Nearly killing your best friend on a military exercise is frowned upon in the army. Her Colonel sentences her to 100 strokes of the cane, off the record.

Story Four: Wrens receive summary discipline 

During World War Two, discipline tended to be summary. Our two young Wrens here really just wanted to enjoy themselves, being away from the suffocating restrictions applied to middle class young ladies in the 1930s.

Story Three: Burton and West are paddled 

Having got away with spanking Lieutenant Bonnington-Smythe a couple of days earlier, our arrogant sargeant is on a role. This time he has brought along a paddle, which he uses liberally after Burton and West's next offence.

Story Two: Lt. Valerie Bonnington-Smythe is spanked 

The arrogant MP, who spanked Burton and West, is not phased by the fury of Lieutenant Bonnington-Smythe when she finds out that has taken place. In fact, she just gets spanked as well for her efforts.

Story One: Privates Burton and West are spanked for gambling

It is 1943 and the WRAC has been given responsibility for security at the Upper Thwackum ammunition stores. Privates Burton and West are on night duty. They do not take their duties seriously, they find a game of cards much more entertaining.